Palmtrees Caprisun, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, born and raised, is a performance artist/musician. Under the name V I O L E N C E now based in #LA, He often frequents #NYC for events etc. Carving his own niche within the walls of a Post-Rap, “Tropical Black Metal” cave between an east coast island and an actual tropical paradise, here is what he had to say…

photograph taken by Brian Caroll

NN: Hey! Thanks for taking the time to chat, we will start with your name ?

PTCS: I’ve been going by Palmtrees for years. I prefer to be called that more than any of my other names.

NN: What can you describe to us about the style of music you make

PTCS: I make music under the name VIOLENCE. I first started making electronic music as a personal thing. I was having trouble sleeping, really I was barely sleeping. I began making these ambient things to fall asleep to. It barely even sounded like music. I started mixin’ it up once I was past that part in my life. Everything I enjoyed listening to I started combining it. Black metal, Death Metal, ‘RnB’, Harsh Noise, Pop, Reggaeton, Happy-Hardcore (mashed up with screaming little girls), pitch shifted to sound like burly men, the stomps of shouting Pentecostals, & recordings of the wind blowing over the Chesapeake bay. Whatever I’d gotten my hands on.

NN: what have yu been up to over the end of 2K14, & any big plans for 2K15 ?

PTCS: I just finished 2 different EPs, The Embrace of Enkidu and Gilgamesh, and Orchestrated Devil. Orchestrated Devil goes from this weird “aggro”-hardcore, techno-pop, to industrial and some ambient trip “housey” shit. I just wanted to make some heavy hitting shit that I could sing to. The Embrace of Enkidu and Gilgamesh I made thinking about how complex that relationship was. Enkidu and Gilgamesh were rivals destined to be the best of friends. They went from trying to kill or subdue each other, their grimaces turning into laughter, to fighting alongside each other. They held each other in so many different mindsets and I thought that relationship was beautiful.

NN: It was so dope to see you perform at Body Actualized. The sight of you and sound from your guitar was entirely encapsulating. Rest In Future (Body Actualized). It would be dope if revived – no , or too soon ? It was a sick show.

PTCS: Thanks. That show I was puttin on for my homie Jono Mî Lo. Mind Dynamics, Cities Aviv, Psychoegyptian, and Blam Lord were all out there that night and we were all goin hard. I hadn’t been in NYC for a minute so I made sure I wrecked that shit.

NN: Are you coming back to NYC to put on again ?

PTCS: No doubt about it. I haven’t played shows as diverse and odd as the shows I’ve played in NYC. It’s too bad Body Actualized is gone now. I’ve been in LA for a minute and I’m gonna stay here a minute longer. I lived on the east coast my whole life and I’m tryin to find some other shit. I come from a line of historians. Interacting with history is vital to me and I’m enjoying bouncing around and interacting with so many things IRL. I have an upcoming show in NYC, we don’t have a listing but possibly sometime around the 29th.

NN: I have seen some 3D animation you’ve made, it was great, mechanical spherical clock – anything lnew ?

PTCS: That video you’re talking about is for an older song called ‘Ophanim’. It was really fun doing that. I’ve had a vision of that object since I was young. Anyways, yeah, I’ve been working on some videos. Drawing, planning. I’ve been working on this series about Winnie The Pooh that I’m really into. And some other things about android boys. I’ve just been planning them recently, drawing and writing. I’m looking forward to actually sitting down with maya and zbrush and making actual models. I’ll be updating my website soon.





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