1.Pig Destroyer – Jennifer
2.Nike7up – Justin Bieber One Time
3.Danger – Revolte at 22H10
4.summer of haze – Σ▼Σ
5.tiesto – adagio for string
6.Kollosus – “Breakin’ Bread” (Phaseone remix)
7.Modern Witch – Young + Natural
8.Ocean Lab – Satellite
9.Oj Da Juiceman – Bricks Ounces Dueces
10.El Topo OST – Burial of the First Toy
11.Circle Takes The Square – Interview at the Ruins
12.Magic Fades – Eye 2 Eye
13.Spell Hound – Y O U R
14.Andrew McKay – OWL


NVR M1X 39 // CVRSEWORDS by Nvr Mnd on Mixcloud

MT: Tell me about yourself.

CW: I wrote my first album in a cave. Released on 11.11.11

MT: In a cave?

CW: Yeah, at the time I was in a really shitty living situation…

So I would go to this cave up the street and bring candles and a fully charged laptop and just make music. It was basically just a chill spot to escape my shitty life at the time.

MT: Where are you located?

CW: I’m located in St. Louis Missouri. I love this city.

MT: How long have you been making musick and how did you start?

CW: I’ve been in a lot of bands over the years, everything from hardcore punk to blackened death metal. When I started experimenting with electronic music in my teenage years, that’s when I knew where my heart was honestly. I recently found a CDR from 2009 containing some really early electronic music I had made. It reminded me, nostalgically, of all the fun it was figuring everything out. Who knows, I might drop that old school CURSEWORDS digitally on my bandcamp one day.  

MT: What’s your production process?

CW: I like to experiment with different sounds. It usually takes me a while to find that specific tone I’m looking for. I’m always looking for samples to glitch out and add tons of effects over. A song is like a painting and sound is like a color. In order for any artist to paint a picture, they have to mix the colors to where they seem fit. So, that’s what I spend most of my time doing. When you find the specific sound at the end of all that experimenting, you know it because you get this feeling that takes you away to another place.

MT: Do you ever play out?

CW: I really enjoy playing shows. I stopped playing out lately because of other things I have going on at the moment. But, in the future I do plan on playing live way more often. I want to add more theatrics and make it a really immersive experience for people.

MT: What kind ov reactions have you been getting to your musick?

CW: Honestly, I’ve had mostly good reactions. People compare me to acts that I enjoy so I look at that as a complement. I’ve never had someone blatantly call me out on my music. I get a pretty steady amount of plays and downloads on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. When I changed the price of my albums from “Pay what you want” to $6.66 people kept buying them, so that’s cool. I’m excited for the future.




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