A NVRMND ‘Reload’ w/ Magician & Producer Madden

Some of you may remember the artist and producer Madden, from his  #NVRM1X14. We released a couple months ago, you can listen to that mix here, via NVRMNDs #Deathcloud. Just the other day I had a chance to catch up with Madden, & he gave us the scope on what he has been up to over the past couple of months, check it out!

NN: Let me start by asking how you are, and what you have been doing for the past two months ?

Madden: I’m well. Busy, I’ve been working (Bartending and other service-industry work), DJ’ing and producing tracks for albums, remixes & soundscapes. I also have been spending time at my mom’s farm by the Mississippi River. Theres a really peaceful, creative energy out there. I go on walks in the woods and marsh, and on the bluffs by the river. Reflecting on teachings the universe has shared with me.

“When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfered with by man, you will see not only abundant life around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step.  Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover the that decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves.  Microorganisms are at work.  Molecules are rearranging themselves.  So death isn’t to be found anywhere.  There is only the metamorphosis of life forms. “

NN: What came of the end of 2014 for you ?

Madden: Well, I’m back “on the wagon”. I was going pretty hard at the end of the year and needed to bring it back in, center myself and reconnect. I also made new friends and played some cool shows with Tombz, Neuport, CJ Milli, Supreme Cuts and Asher Diamonds.

NN: What plans have you made since then for your music, or your art ?

I’m releasing a lot of music in the beginning of 2015, a few mixes, singles, EPs, remixes. I have a mix tape I just released for Liver Diet in Chicago. I plan to write a lot more in 2015 and make more visual art, listen

NN: Albums, Possible Video Release Dates ?

Madden: I have an album of songs I made during my residency at Private Island Gallery in LA, called “Island Sessions”. I’ve just released this on my bandcamp alongside a short album of house/techno songs called “Carrying/Reaching”. 

There’s a mix for the French blog Stock 71 coming out. I have albums on Post-Religion and Aural Sects due out soon too.  There are a lot of video projects I need to get started! I’ve been planning on working with Theodore Darst on a collaborative music video. I also have been talking to photographer/ videographer Todd Diederich about some upcoming projects.

NN: Do you plan on traveling , or touring within this year ?

I hope to travel to NYC  in the beginning of the spring and LA shortly after to play shows. I’m also hoping to go to San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

NN: What was the last most important work that you completed – How well do you believe it was received ?

Madden: I really like the soundtrack I scored for Angelina Dreem‘s short film “La Rubia”. I’m also quite fond of the “Island Sessions” EP I’ve recently released. TBH I don’t know how well these, this will be received and I’m not sure that I will ever know. I know I’m happy to have helped make them, to be able to channel the creative energy. I’ve gotten really good feedback from people I know about these projects, but I don’t think they’ve reached their potential audience yet. I’m very thankful for the praise I’ve received from my beautiful and talented friends and family.

                         Angelina Dreem’s “La Rubia”, Music by Madden


NN: When you began your project, did you expect the turn out you have received so far ?

Madden: There was a time in the beginning of the project “MADDEN” that I really only shared with a few friends and only played local shows, but that changed in 2010 and I made a mix for Todd Pendu and a Myspace page, came to NY to play Glasslands in Brooklyn. I’ve gotten really good reception since starting to post on soundcloud in 2011. And connecting with like minded creatives (such as yourself Nome) I’ve been able to expand my network even further.

NN: When did you know you wanted to begin this project ?

Madden: I was making synth driven music 2007-09 in various forms under different names (Baaadddboiz, Spookery, HomeOwnered). But I wanted to be able to cross genre more and have more of a strong voice. I started MADDEN while recording with my brother (CrimeRobbers) and I was also hanging out with Neuport (Mikey Lane) in Madison, WI.

NN: What do you want to convey, or what have you also found that you do convey in frequently in your materials ?

Madden: The interconnectedness of all things. That concepts and idea are not definitions, that we do not know the meaning but we are living the meaning. Balancing the abrasive with the soothing, the ethereal with the blast.

NN: What reflects the least, what should be focusing on ?

Madden: There are always things hidden, look closely, listen carefully, take your time with it.

NN: How many releases have you successfully produced ?

Madden: Many many remixes, about 10 mix tapes, 7 albums and a handful of singles. There are a few soundtracks and soundscapes I’ve made for various art projects as well.

NN: How do you feel being called a #NVRMNDKID or that you’re one of the #NVRMNDCRU ?

Madden: I love #NVRMND, I have been down since day 1. I’ve even played all the NVR MND parties in Brooklyn. I died at the rave… only to be resurrected in this performance art piece and on early morning NPR. #neutralthug #zaggin

                                           Thanks Madden!


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