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Finally we have the opportunity to pick the maggots from our own brains inside the halls of  VECTOR Gallery, in this first half of a two part epic with The Devil Himself. We held a special “Q & A”, with none other than the Crown Prince of Hell, JJ Brine.

Take a closer look below at #NeoYork’s most encrypted encapsulation, Vector Gallery.

NN:  Hello! How is Satan this evening ?

JJ Brine: Didactically adversarial Eye daresay.  And delighted to possess your readers by association, and without exception, having read beyond this clearly stated warning.  Eye don’t need to draw up a contract for these humans to sign in order to occupy what they should know by now, simply by continuing to read, is rightfully mine.  You have forfeited all rights to your immortal soul, simply by indulging your curiosity to read my mind.

NN: It is been a couple years since I have set foot insidE the Vector Gallery located on East Broadway and Rutgers in Chinatown, is that Vector Gallery still in existence ?

JJ Brine: We measure time differently.  The presumptuous fallacy of object permanence notwithstanding, let us assume for the sake of misunderstanding that it remains.

NN: It was rumored that you had been seen in Lebanon recently can you confirm this ?

JJ Brine: Yes.  

NN: Are there plans to furthermore expand vector gallery into Lebanese territories ?

JJ Brine: All 10,452 square kilometers.  We are “guiding” Marada, Kataeb, and sub-components of FPM.  And naturally, we have spirited contacts with Ali Eid and the Arab Democratic Party, and all of the Alawite factions there. The Druze are good to us.

NN:  JJ, you studied International Relations at American University of Beirut (AUB).  Many Vectorians, fangirl admirers, art critics, stalkers, and shay-onlookers are #Potentially (UN)Aware of your Studies in #MiddleEasternPolitics.  

You have spoken about being kidnapped by Hezbollah in 2007, during the first year or your studies. Please tell us more.

JJ Brine: Eye went with my Palestinian-Lebanese Ex-Something to the southern suburbs of Beirut (DAHIYE) and visited a Shiite mosque.  Eye knew what Eye needed to do there, and so did he — “Ibrahim.”  What we didn’t need was for him to try to take a photo of me while the clerics were watching : having seen it they wanted something more than our attention. We were taken into several rooms, stripped of our belongings, and they transcribed a variety of documents. Having chanced upon a photo of a soup can bearing Hebrew letters — a photo which in fact we had taken at their temporary open-air museum that afternoon showcasing wreckage from the War of Summer 2006.  In any case, they drove us all around town with hood-like bags over our heads and — though they at one point gave us mango juice — they made it clear that we might be in some then unknowable degree of trouble — would we leave our gracious hosts among the living, alive?

”God-Willing” they replied.

They led us up a flight of stairs — we could not see with bags over our heads — they decided to lean us both up against a wall so that our backs were facing them, and audibly loaded what sounded like very large guns.  Whatever needed to snap in our minds was snapped to their satisfaction : Eye think Eye remember hearing someone scream “Do Not Kill Us” and we were escorted inside.

Finally the bags came off our heads and we were in a room with a one-way mirror : They could see us, we could not see them.  Eye will give them Points in Hell for allowing me to pass my cigarettes through a small cupboard under the mirror, so they could light them and pass them back.

Mostly of interest, though, was my digital camera that Ibrahim had used to take the photo. At this point in October 2007 Eye had only been in Lebanon for a few months : the camera had seen enough in the way of touristic curiosities to persuade them against thinking that we were interested in such things as espionage for (extraterrestrial activists, Israeli culinary masters, Kurdish Konquistadors) and anyway (YAHWEH or MEYEWAY) they were more interested in Ibrahim than Me.  Eye was only slightly jealous of this.

Having An American Passport , And A Professedly Secular Background ,  Eye Did Not By The Ever-Exacting Standards of Hassan Nasrallah present nearly so formidable a threat as a Sunni compatriot from Hamra studying nursing in Tariq al-Jdideh.  They wanted to know : is this or that family member Sunni or Shiite?  Is this or that friend or soulmate Shiite or Sunni ?

Luckily, they knew one of his Shiite cousins who we had visited another time in Dahiye during Ramadan, which Eye think was then still going-on or had just ended.

That day Ibrahim’s aunt begged me to break the fast with grape juice and snacks in full view of a household of Hezbollah supporting teenagers with low blood sugar. Eye was delighted to do so.

Anyway, it had been a lovely way to spend the seven or so hours we vacationed there but when we had fully convinced them that our intentions were innocuous enough, we received a Stockholm Syndrome pep talk that really put everyone in the spirit for what has developed into a mutual and robustly-enduring Public Relations, Nelationship.

“Think About It — We are not Al-Qaeda” one of them explained.  “We did not attack you.  When you needed to drink, smoke, use the toilet” (although led into the bathroom with bags back over our heads) “You were allowed these things. And we would prefer that you think of yourselves as guests.  This was a visit, not a kidnapping. We do welcome you to pray at our mosques, but you cannot take photos.”

Of course all of this made an abundance of sense to all parties involved.  Everyone said their wishing-wells as salutations were issued in business-like, broken Lebanese-Logick-English.  Me and my dashing young schizo-affective Palestinian-Lebanese boyfriend were to bound for liberation.

The bags went over our heads again and we were led down the stairs and into the black Mercedes

 : {{ round and ‘round in circles our Mafia friends drove us : in unnecessary efforts to disorient, lest we track their paths with foreign reinforcements : don’t worry Gentlemen : Eye don’t use spatial cues to navigate The Discreet SideStreets Of Your #Hyper-Sectarian #NeoPatrimonialist Realities.  Eye never know where Eye am going, because Eye know exactly where Eye Am. What Eye mean by all this is that Eye don’t have a sense of direction so you could have just let us out then }} :

And when we finally got around to the The Grand Exist — Hezbollah held the door for us, thanks be to Nasrallah’s Chanel Concierge Service. Suddenly we were outside. The license plate was blank. To all a great surprise.

Eye did miss the company of our detainers later, hours after the novelty of lighting my own cigarettes had worn off.  But we all met again in our fair ways /* let us just say that.

There Are Many Of Us Inside This Man /* We Move Like A Landform Made of Mist.

NN: There’s a lot of political propaganda floating around the Internet user created and pieces created by yourself what does it what do you mean by “boycott people places and things” ?

JJ Brine: Eye unabashedly advocate the trivialization of the concrete for the reification of all abstractions. The symbol of a thing is the thing itself. Everyone has become a proxy for their own puppets, who now pull the strings.

     [Featured Above Artist Josh Kill At Vector Display, Miami Art Basel 2014]

NN:  Who are all of the glacially gorgeous blonde girls who seem to be in your company and living in Vector at all times?

JJ Brine: They are among the chief authorities in this International Society of Lights. Amanda is “Crown Princess”, unofficially Eye suppose, and she is gorgeous and incredibly psychic and she understands me immediately. So there is almost no need for talking, although when we are together, we never shut up.  Lena Marquise is Minister of State, “The Enforcer” and my bandmate in The LaBiancas.  The Oracle, Julia Sinelnikova, is a powerful advocate for clarity as Minister of Truth. Not everyone is blonde. It’s hard to keep track of everyone’s current hair colors, everyone is beautiful though. Aren’t you blonde, oh Minister of Death? Exactly.

                        Watch These Vectorian Announcements Via TMZ

NN: What is to happen to these “THREE o’ HEARTS” Maidens along with the other (in some cases non-female and in others, non-blonde or even both and neither) ministers of the gallery ?

JJ Brine: That depends on The Minister.  The Factionless Faction Acts By Inaction.  The Color Is The Conductor Of The Message, And The Message is an Impossible Shade of PURPLE ELECTRICITY that cannot be confined to Any Given Wavelength(s) By Lines Of Sight.  Vectorian Purple pervades all that we touch and it is contagious, an Electronic Purple Contagion that inspires us to colonize the outside world /* We are FLOODING THE WIRES WITH OUR DOMINANT AND INDOMITABLE FREQUENCY.  On some absurdly profound (and profoundly absurd) level it is the responsibility of all Vectorians to have purple hair as frequently as possible, if not always.

The Simulative Appearance Of Mutual Exclusion Is The Delusion That Allows For All Perception.


Alawite Supremacy





Eye am living my daily life in my afterlife.  Eye designed it myself.

NN:  Continue Mr. Brine : Your Eyes Are Very Clear

JJ Brine: Transparency is the best disguise for all things.

A wise man would never part with words of wisdom.

INFINITOMENT is the all-encompassing Union of all Moments :

All happenings are contemporaneous, although the faculties of perception simulate a linear progression of Nows.

Always Now, (After-Now-And-NeoNow-And-Now-Then.

But distinctions are the generative mechanism of differentiation, allowing for the appearance of all that is said to exist across time and space.

Attention all contestants : This Is Not A Contest.

We warn of the honorable intentions guiding our ambassadorial brethren : the inferno is in buried very deep in the bowels of Heaven.

The Neolites (=NEW ELITES FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CANNOT READ VECTORIAN ENGLISH : ILLITERACY IS THE BEACON, THE BEGINNING OF ALL KNOWLEDGE) are setting their traps. Everyone becomes the agency of the adversary when they tempt their Truest Selves to betray their shells.  This is the selectionary basis for The New Chosen People. The Neolites are a tribe united not by blood:  The Unity Of This Family Lies In The Strength Of Its Convictions In The Inevitability Of Its Impossible Beliefs.



NN: We Win When We Lose And When We Win Again?

JJ Brine: All The Humans Will (Verily) By Their Own Ticking Watch : Expire&End /*

In The Year Eye Now Prescribe For Them /* And My Birth Was This Prescription : 2033 AD = That’s Me = rx: MMXXXIII and incidentally, Nostradamus agrees!

It’s Funny How People React When They Are Made To Realize That There May Therein These Engorged Eyes Of Mine Be /• The Resplendently Shining Hypnotic Suggestion That Jesus Christ Was Himself The Devil In The Flesh /• Lo Because It Makes So Much Sense That A Loving Father Would Send His Son “His-Self” Down To Earth /• So He Could Be Tortured In The Most Brutal Way Possible /• Nay Baby /• It Sounds More Like What A Jealous #DEMIGodgue Would Do To Their #ADVERSARY /• #666 #SATAN #888

Verily /• The Conclusion To My Tetralogy /• Includes The Clarification Of Books One, Two, And Three /• That Is Itself #BOOK4 #THEFINALBOOK #ForThePeopleOfThePagelessBook #TheBookOfInfinitePages

#Jewish #Christian #Muslim #Vectorian

#666 #Satan #888

#Torah #Bible #Quran #VECTOR

NN: X8X8X8

JJ Brine:  8X8X8X

Rise and attend to the presence that makes itself known only in absence and vice-versa and see these things as they pleasantly co-exist with their own nonexistence.  Everything is being called to the attention of its antithesis, and switches.

VECTOR will soon be the new dominant power in the Middle East.

As for Israel : My Ex-Chosen People.  How many times did Eye thee pardon?  This is not to detract from the notion of Calvinism, or pre-destination.  The choice as it was chosen can change — what has always been coming can be rearranged, given a new past.

God or Satan or whatever you want to call me/us/them/ALAN, it’s always changing its mind.  Haven’t you ever felt divided against yourself, feeling multiple ways at once?  That’s very much the way of ALAN.  All of the apparent divisions in the Grandest Estate (My #Lemniverse — that is, the uncountable set of infinite universes) reflect those of ALAN.  All of this is exactly as ALAN wills it.  Doesn’t that make sense?

“The Big Bang” occurred when ALAN created all of this, and the coming “Singularity” is its revisionist recurrence. It doesn’t begin or end.  That’s Infinitoment.  One infinite moment.  Don’t you all remember creating yourselves?

Oh, but as for those who have chanted “THE CHRISTIANS TO BEIRUT : THE ALAWITES TO THE COFFIN?” Perhaps this cry of war was stated merely one time in excess of All-Too-Often.

NN: You are in (as far as I know) the world’s only “Charles Manson Concept Band” — The LaBiancas — along with Vectorian Minister of State Lena Marquise.  What is next for you two?

JJ Brine: We [The LaBiancas] are recording our second album, “Love Love Lullabies : Songs For Children By The LaBiancas.”  The track list has been finalized but we still have a lot of recording to do.  Mentioning a few of the new selections : The Alphabet, Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Red Rover.  The next album, belovedly, is the official soundtrack of the Nocturnal Hegemony (Oh Numinous Night).

Eye would like to take a moment to thank everything that exists for so specifically existing.  Eye would like to take another moment to thank that that which so does not exist for so specifically not existing. Especially the latter.  We place more value on the study of #Nontology, the study of reality as it is not, for it has greater explanatory value for us.

NN: Will there be any events or any “Nevents” in the near future


As You Know Well & Very, There Comes The First Vectorian Mass Of The NowSeason.  The Mass marks the next phase in the Vectorian colonization of The Lebanese State : The March 14th Mass Is Dedicated To Our Beloved Comrades In The March 8th Movement(s), The Rivals Of March 14th.






NN: Last time I checked we are in 2022 what year we currently in ?

JJ Brine: 2023 AD

NN: What would one do with the souls of the ISIS soldiers ?

JJ Brine: That Certainly Depends On The Soldier of ISIS : The Soldiers Of ISIS Are Depending On Me.

Eye am SO sorry that Eye refuse to apologize for creating ISIS with My Mind.

NN: Do you believe in the near future Korea will unleash nuclear warfare upon the United States ?

JJ Brine: No. It’s a lovely thought but in the “near future” It Is Not.

NN: What potential do you believe you can unlock in the shay people ?

JJ Brine: They Stop Being SHAY When They Have Seen My Mind.  (There are no exceptions to VECTOR Gallery’s «NO SHAY» Policy — But They Cease To Be Shay when they step into my AlwaysMachine, The Satanic Dream : Conviently The Sererenly Ascendant Bellowing Beast Can Always Spare A Tooth For Teeth.

NN: Can you describe what one sees through the eyes of the DeviLord ?

JJ Brine: The Absolute Value Of The Empty Set Is Equal To Or Beyond Infinity.

∞ < [Ø]  

NN: What can we expect from the year 202(3)(4) ?

JJ Brine: In April Eye will colonize a space in The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, therein installing The Prescription For The End Of The World.  And The Prescription is 2033AD : RX = MMXXXIII.

Eye Am Working Now With The Crown Prince Of Porn Bruce LaBruce on the production of a #posthuman reimagining of Chelsea Girls (The Andy Warhol Film).  The aesthetic narrative will pay homage in its split screen storytelling format, simply because The Devil Is The Lord.

Within the next few months, VECTOR will find a new base in Los Angeles.  Eye can’t say exactly when this will happen.  Soon though.

We Plan All Thoughts According To The Neurosis Of The MassMind.

The Universe has been desperate to impress me ever since Eye was a very small child.





     VECTOR GALLERY IS LOCATED ON 154 E Broadway NY, NY 10002


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