Our questions about are answered & Bleachers, Grimes – Enthropy is #Phenom

I made a post a couple days ago about Claire Boucher’s new music video, I’m not sure that I was clear enough – I loved it.

I honestly never ‘ditched an album due to negative fan reaction to go.’

But it seems, she may have not read what I said exactly, I never said that her collaborative changes made any bit of previous style/sound suffer in comparison, rather I admitted it was different, and that is a good thing, to variate from your “normalcies”. You must fractal from your cycle, that is how you take on new process’ and begin to evolve within your own realm.

“The album was scrapped cuz it was depressing and I didn’t want to tour it.  I may release it one day.”

I am happy that she still talks to us, and is listening, but every one of her fans should be continuing to support her, if we expect her to continue making us music! We love you Grimezy baby!

People’s opinions do not factor into my process.”

Read From Her Blog Below,


Well, she heard someone’s prayers, revealed by STEREOGUM this morning Claire has dropped a new song for us to hear. Another alternative look at the scope of music, leaves me, well… breathless. Such pure lyrics, expose her heart is bright and as vibrant as ever, match these over the top vocal melodies. I cannot wait for more, but if I must…

“Grimes first linked up with Fun. co-leader Jack Antonoff on “Take It Away,” a 2014 song from Antonoff’s solo side project Bleachers. And now they’ve teamed up once again, this time for an absolutely dazzling pop song called “Entropy.” It’s a power-pop tune, more or less, with the same sort of sparkling production that Antonoff brought to Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods.” But it’s very much a Grimes song, too, with that otherworldly echoing reverb all over Claire Boucher’s voice. The song will appear on tonight’s episode of HBO’sGirls. They’ve shared it a bit early, which is nice, since it’s also a pretty perfect Sunday-morning soundtrack. You can hear it below..
…“Go” was one idea of what a Grimes pop song might sound like. This is another. It might be better.” – Stereogum

Check it out here;


Take Me Away – Grimes and Bleachers

Grimes , Bleachers – Enthropy


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