This week we are featuring an unfamiliar artist, known as †RIɅLS. Some of you you may be familiar with the Cardiff, UK, others not so much, but what you should be anticipating is an omnipotent stir of venoms waiting to be poured into your ears, eyes and mouth. Sip from this witchy-brew, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

I picked four of my favorites, Infect Me was the only track that had two remixes I thought were both truly unique from one another, and still remained within a genre specific confide of its respected influential components

LUVKER, was another one of the more interesting releases by Trails, and remixed by an additional artist. It follows through with the similar juxtaposition of  erie fizzily-ness, synths skittering & pulsing, all the while being lullabied; “Im not afraid to die, again”.

There was also Stay With Me, a more minimalist spectrum, in terms of the vapid bass sounds that we find in the  lo-fi distortion(ist)  deathrave(y) synths, followed up by the doomed out synths in the track WASTED


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