Madden – Shadow Run Rift Mix

This morning the Hi-Tek choice web publication of Dark Art & Hip Hop based culture,  posted a mix produced by the DJ /Artist, Madden. I have met with him countless times, in perfected musical instances, of course. If you’re one of our more familiar readers, you most likely have seen him featured on the #NVRBLOG in the past [but back to the mix]. Its a Grime(y) ADV Cybermix, created by Madden, as a sort of dedication to  Blam Lord, who is the main author, & actually only author of the #GothBlog, #BlamBlamFever, mentioned earlier.
These two artists made up a plethora of cybergroups & culturist movements throughout the past couple years, but their focus is on these themes that are based around pure cyberpunk culture, nostalgic video game content, drugs, violent situations, and a lifestyle not unlike the blog in itself, a fetishist, dark noir, and lore chamber of gothic electronic and hip hop music, and culture. (That is honestly a limited description of what is at hand in terms of the blog)
There are some recognizable tracks here, but what sticks out to me of course is the rare or the unknown. I tracked Madden down and asked for an update on the tracklist, but to my understanding it shall remain a secret. Do you know the rarer tracks in the playlist, leave a comment below ?


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