I can honestly say I made my big break on 2D death brawlers some time ago, back in the mid 90’s with all of its the pre-rendered models & the low resolution blood splatters. Bloody over the top action & martial arts movies were at a certain peak in my adolescence & some of the most of the most outrageous gore & mutilation was ever released, on our home entertainment systems (which was  such a big controversy at the time). “Violence in the hands of children” .

Although – The MK series began in the arcade, (like most video games), that later received a port to a home console, but unlike most games it was thought it should be against the law to own in homes & even arcades. With that kind of backlash from media outlets & over zealous parents it was a relic that I certainly had to get my hands on. I most favored playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis; for its very unique controller. The style of the genesis was ultimately Simple, & Sleek. Much like looking at console designed by H. R. Giger, almost alien That particular  button layout offered a more complex combination system. Resulting in a harder learning experience. It drove me nuts trying to figure it out at a young age, I cant say that I have acquired it even to this day. Although, I can say I am more eager now than ever to try…


The Xbox One addition I presume was intentionally designed to feature a similar experience, much like the Genesis controller, here we see an almost exactly identical controller. Alas the button configuration is not merely a three face button system, but six face buttons, to accommodate the same features, found on the newest iteration of the Dualshock.


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I believe we will see some of the most original feeling gaming content, some hardcore fans have been waiting for, but for the most part when it comes to MK, 2D was where I found the game at its best. The system has been to once again mock that field of play. Incorporating very interactive maps/levels that your character ‘Kombat’ on. I see its creators are steering the franchise in a more appealingly unique & original setting. with MKS 2D many iterations came these retro controllers in which Hardcore Fans all loved to play, to expose its most hardcore moments. Let us not forget to mention the sweat & slipperiness of the controller from trying to mash together a combo quick enough to save yourself from unforgiving combos received from enemies

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