SHA SHA KIMBO has a strong following, running with #PacificBased Radio, with Saturdays 10- 12 GMT on Nasty.FM and that is Monthly, also on #CyberSonicLA in LA. Quarterly on Bassport.FM


Sounding like a futuristic Orbit chewing gum commercial, this wet oxyclean bath chemically drives its’ emphasis on this outrageously dirty boy! And in what sense I might add; I wonder is she referring to this boys cleanliness ?  May it be that her emotions, and inclinations towards her attraction to him have persuaded her to call out said boy – The cause ? Who knows !? His conversational context could have excreted a filmy sort of filth, up into the air. Or maybe SHA SHA is on her #SINGLELADY // #MOMSWAG.

Whether it be she in the club #PIMPING some hot boy in the DJ booth, or is just a pro in the game, SHA SHA KIMBO is here trickling savage jawns @ US, because her will is that too leave your mental feeling insane, jaw dropped, and your body estranged to both the other two things. Keep rocking it Ms. KIMBO. We Luv Yu!



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