#NVRLOOK ZEHTROID VZN – Hourly Shadow Gossip [Official Video]


ZEHTROID VZN [ZEH-T-ROID VIZ-ION] from Planet Switchaz hopped in the NVR MND™ booth with your boy NVRMND NOME for an exclusive interview on his newest video, ‘Hourly Shadow Gossip‘. Take a look below for the ‘Q & A’ where discuss his Audio Book, the Planet Switchaz set, Handzum affiliates, & be sure to leave some love in the comment box.

NN: Who directed the video ?

ZEHTROID VZN: The video was directed by myself & my brother, RAYN (@HEAVYRAYN)

NN: Is your track feature on a tape ?

ZEHTROID VZN: ‘Hourly Shadow Gossip‘, actually is the 1st track, to appear on the 1st Audiobook released: Listen Here


NN: What do each of the Audiobooks talk about ?

ZEHTROID VZN: Each track is a chapter, you will have to listen & experience it for yourself.

 NN: What are you reppin’ ?


NN: How did you develop your flow, it sounds unique, almost an amalgamation of dialects ?

ZEHTROID VZN: I don’t hold back on any emotion. I just mirror out exactly what I’m feeling into the mic. My mic is my best friend. If (you, or my listeners) find I’m talking about a ghost in the song, & it is generally based on the fact I can feel something in the room. You will hear it in my voice, I do not hide anything.


NN: Where are you from (another Planet, I presume ?)

ZEHTROID VZN: I am from a small town called Collier Row, in the UK. I just recently moved to a very f****** empty place though. Its nice here though, its very peaceful. A great place to visit & discover other planets. No interruptions, no drunk teenagers shouting and standing outside shops. No idiots pretending they support what i do.

NN:  So, are you English, & you live somewhere remote, outside of the downtown areas ? Sounds very peaceful, ominous, & maybe relaxing. 

ZEHTROID VZN: I am English, but also I have Welsh, Polish, & Russian decent.

… & yeah man, this place would destroy most people my age if they came here. They call it ‘the dead end‘. I heard old people come here to die.

I don’t leave the house much, unless I’m getting some clothes at the charity shop. I just found this secret garden behind a spa centre though which is cool, its kinda awkward though sometimes. i was meditating there yesterday with headphones on & when I opened my eyes, a group of about twenty people in bath robes was staring at me [haha] pretty f****** weird. So, yeah – I stay inside creating as much as possible

NN: How did you connect with Handzum ?

ZEHTROID VZN: I spoke to ‘Rozz’ a while back when he dropped The Relic, we spoke a bit then we made that Dark Magician track on Hunters Grove, my last mixtape. i’ve just been a part of it ever since, naturally.



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