The X Files Series Return Officially Has Been Dated

As you may already know the X-Files series creator Chris Carter, has garnered enough attention from his fan base streaming the sci-fi thriller that originally debuted in way back 1993, is finally getting the revival it deserves.


Agents Moulder and Scully will be returning to the silver screen as a two-night premier on Sunday, January 24, 2016, followed by another new episode on Monday of the following week. Thereafter will be paired with Gotham. Fox announced its fall schedule yesterday after the NFC’s National football championship X-Files will air, six brand-new episodes. I’m sure a lot of the legendary series fans cannot wait to see their all time favorite special agents, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson! 

Everyone at NVR BLOG is happy to see that FOX is doing something right. Unfamiliar with the television series that captured audiences with its “I want to believe” slogan, and eeriness, well I suggest it’s time you sign up for a Netflix account. Spend a some of those nights at home alone doing something more productive, like watching one of the most legendary TV shows, that I was actually fortunate enough to grow up watching with my mother.  




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