#NVRMNDKUSH: A Diesely-Dank Sativa Hybrid; “WiFi Og”


White Fire Og also known as WiFi Og; a hybrid strain. With the medicinal marijuana compound of “Wif”. This strain is a combination of Fire Og & Krome’s The White Og; described as a 60% sativa hybrid.

Upon smoking this hybrid you will experience a positive flux of relaxed & recondite waves during your high.  The hybrid, offers a very euphoric, happy, uplifting, relaxing, and more than not creative experience. For medical purposes it could be used to ease ones stress, help fight against depression, equally an aid for some physical pain, partial headache restoration, and slightly less in terms of fatigue.

It is quite aromatic, which means its can easily be smelled over five feet away from an individual carrying it on their person. It’s sweet smelling, incredibly pungent and, earthy. I recommend for anyone who enjoys a diesel – y – outdoorsy smoke. I prefer calling it, WiFi Og, more than I do White Fire Og (fuck me, right). The opportunity to burn that bridge, so to speak has yet to be crossed, by I am eager to do so.  The strains its similar to are Indica’s which I find odd, and aside from Sensei Star, I have yet to try, just yet!


White Fire Og (or Wifi Og) is a beautiful hybrid sativa, I have seen two variations of this strain, the other is  slightly frosted than this particular strain under review. The amount of trichomes on this sativa is really incredible.

The strain won 20Th Place in the The Emerald Cup, in 2013. Entered as number: 260. White Fire OG Kush. With “unspecified genetics“. By a representative of a company named Kush Industries, located in Orange County, California. The stats indicate, in 2013 seemed to be quite a bit lower, than those in 2015, about a 5% increase in the THC counts; THC: 25.10% (2013) vs 30.0+ (2015), CBD: 0.22% (2013) *2015 Unknown. Although, they could not describe or decide what effects the strain yield, the judges merely commented, “Sharp Pine Smell, ‘Kushy’ Deliciousness, BIG EXPANSION, IM HIGH AS SH*T



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