Oliver~ flirts with many concepts all under a hip hop  from a simple nostalgia to something deeper all while maintaining this cool refreshing wash over feeling  thats reminds you of calm.  In the past month Oliver has released two videos for his two songs LWTGG (Lean With The Grey Goose) and "Flip Phone", although both feature similar visual styling with Oliver spitting his timeless bars they are both worth watching.



I am not quite sure how it was that I found Oliver, I believe I was doing some research on another artists soundcloud, and clicked-back onto my feed - and there he was! The first track I can remember listening to started off with a cloudy -trapped out version of DJ Sammy's - "Heaven" before shifting into a autotuned remix of Travis Porter's - "Do It Trick". The track was very well put together, having an almost mesmerizing quality I couldn't quite immediately pin down. As soon as I got home I opened my soundcloud back up to look up the artist, upon doing so I discovered about nineteen or twenty brand new tracks on his page I had not even heard yet.  Out of pure curiosity and excitement I proceeded to listen to them finding the same kind of mesmerizing quality. 





Let's take a look at the the song Topanga which starts off with a sample from the late 90s ABC sitcom Boy Meets World, that aired for until the 2000's. An almost incomprehensibly distorted of the protagonist Cory. Mainly touching on his love for a person whom which the song happens to be named after. Initially the beat kicks in, we are accompanied by a sample from Country Grammar by Nelly, the infamous "Light it up and take a puff" bar, followed by some Lil' Wayne, and eventually some Flocka, finishing with Snoop Dogg. Introductions such as this are a constant reminder that the early 2K's have passed us. Artists seem to be stuck in the hyperbole of time where they remember where they were at a certain age, and how it made them feel yet do not know where to go.  The song then takes the slightest turns with its' vocal sampling. 





Oliver attempts to replicate sounds - that while being pleasing to the ear is at the same time familiar.  Oliver's aural landscapes can range all the way from sounding a playful anime nymph in some sort of brook to cold loneliness in an abandoned church in a cloud somewhere.  All set to these quite pleasant and highly infectious trap-style beats. In short Oliver is someone who should not be slept on with his infectious hooks and rhythm and immaculate production skills he deserves your time. 









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    the mesmerizing quality is the emotion I think these type of beats tap into a yearning place and it goes along with the nostalgia

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