#NVRLISTEN Marie Dior “Familiar Frost”



Berlin based Techno deity Marie Dior has quite the resume. With releases on Aural Sects (“https://auralsects.bandcamp.com/album/house-is-where-the-beat-is) and numerous tracks, EP’s, and LP’s available for download across various prices on their bandcamp (http://mariedior.com/) They are a gift that just keeps on giving. Their newest track “Familiar Frost” does just that. Beginning with a dark and brooding intro and a warped acid influenced baseline the track guides you in. One of the amazing things about Techno music is that it can create feelings without vocals. Dior does just that. A sense of dread, an icy confidence. Like marching yourself to the nightclub you might OD in. The track illicit feelings of dark euphoria that I can resonate with on so many levels. Dior has never not been one to ignore, but make sure you don’t sleep on them. 



Marie Dior is an exciting and prolific experimentalist. His aesthetic and sound were forged in the bowels of a thriving Black Metal scene in Portugal. Now he takes Black Metal's darkness, intensity and occasional humour and sifts it through an electronic funnel with gorgeous results. - Resident Advisory 


Jesse James Alexander

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