Let us take a quick look at the most recent video release from the artist Y!PSY (as it's stylized via social media), also known as BlackVoid, is an American producer and recording artist from New Jersey who seems fairly new to the game, has only been active for about less than a year, but just because Y!PSY is a newcomer does not mean there isn't something great to enjoy about him!



[Executive Producer: Artisfact Films / Directed &  Edited : Joseph Desrosiers Jr]



The bulk of this video produced by Artistfact Films dancing around is Yipsy dancing and singing in an abandoned field somewhere in rural New Jersey. The infectious beat comes at us with this sort of blast from the past ravey-synth that almost feels like it would be at home on a mixtape circa summer of 2008, but also it is run through enough reverb - so that it feels cold and a little distant like a fading memory. The synth is warm as well as inviting, more like an early 2000's rave influence, at the same time it delivers a much more melancholy exp like the days following that same rave.

His lyrical content covers the experience of past relationships that going on to about not wanting to hear the actual truth just tell him what he wants, which while relatable is not necessarily the healthiest of options, in my opinion. Looking beleaguered in the video boyantly jumping around, you can see behind these lyrics there is a lot of sentimental worth, to him and their might even be signs of regret on his face reflecting on a love lost.

The visual context, comes to no surprise as many "In-the-now" artists tend to be going for this very popular grainy vhs found footage formula. Hey don't fix it if it ain't broken ya know. The nostalgia filter, is what I liked to call it, like watching something that I remember fondly from my childhood. Which is good to use because it breaks up the monotony of just a many bouncing around and dancing on a desolate lonely plane. 

I look forward to hearing more from yipsy I think his interesting take on pop music has enough clever ideas and enough passion that it should bring me back again. Find more about Y!PSY on his Soundcloud





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