777 Records™ a music and entertainment company from Atlanta, Georgia - Wait, or maybe it's Peruvian? Well to be honest little was known about 777 [Triple Seven] Records. Their web presence is most certainly ethereal and up until now have we received an abundance of new music. Originally just a soundcloud page, featuring a single artist hinting, that this artist named BIGMAN aka GOLDBOY may be the sole proprietor of this production. None the less the album currently been distributing on their bandcamp is set at a price of $777, for a physical release, & $7.77 for the digital copy. Some of the rarest of the rare things at that can be found on the internet as of late. It's a fun listen, tracks like this;


BIGMAN's track "SHYNE" featured on "P.T."  a blown out bass heavy trap breakdown into thuggin'. Positive Thuggin' is an example of a project gone right. Beyond the surface there is a lot of heart here. I hear it in a lot of the lyrics. "Shyne like the sun" could be taken as an introduction in current time from a some theoretical  PC counter culturist conflated fantasy for a pozy outlook on the cold dark atmosphere of a hood, potentially, and also a explaining the definition of the terminology for anyone reading, and unaware of why some people call each other son or daughter

Back in December of 2014, BIGMAN was on his second release "OFF THE MEAT RACK", which does feature a track that stuck out the most when I came across it, based on claiming you're the newest iteration of the "legend" Basquiat. Somehow inspirited by the individual is comes across as in some ways incredibly advantages. In the end it's all about execution. That is what the #24KGOLDBOY does well, executes tracks effortlessly. 



Although my point is however many ways I may have heard the thematics, it's the first time an artist  made a "based" parody about being the old head #NYC artist I've been receptive to. May that be, because 777 is very much from #ATL, yet have the same conflated identifiers with the "Ignorant art" style it's a sign of our times, the identifying of creativity, strength and self realization of an icon (many of us unfortunately did not get the opportunity to meet - instilled within some of the youth. The Artist/Rapper GOLDBOY hailing from Atlanta, Georgia has produced 5 works in total and is currently working on his 6th, stay tuned to the NVRBLOG™ for updates on any new releases on 777 Records or new on BIGMAN.


Q & A


Nome Goldie: Appreciate having a second to sit down with ya BIGMAN [aka #GOLDBOY] Back in March yuu put out a 10 Track Album titled Positive Thuggin, What is 'Positive Thuggin' ?

BIGMAN: 'Positive Thuggin' is like keeping it 1 hundred with yo self. Like I can go to any hood because I'm real with myself.  I love that shit.


Nome Goldie: Can you Explain 777 Records, or the idea behind it ?

BIGMAN: It's like a respect thang like im just showing respect to every one reppin that shit. I make music I like so i made label and signed myself. 


Nome Goldie: 'Shyne, SH4RTY, WITCH HOUSE' are some of my favorite tracks, what was your inspiration behind them ?

BIGMAN: Being broke inspired me to make music. Just waking up wanting to be rich and feeding my family.


Nome Goldie: Based (no pun intended) around your music titles and sound choices, you must be a fan of WITCH HOUSE, when did you first come across the genre and who are some of your favorite Witch House artists  ?

BIGMAN: [Haha] Hell Yeah! I fuck with Underground, Salem, Techno, Crystal Castles, Grimes. I fuck with 90's Punk Rock and 90's Bounce music (too)


Nome Goldie: Do you have any affiliation with Kane Groceries or Goth Money ?

BIGMAN: Yeah, I met him through [Black]Kray, real niggas tho. 


Nome Goldie: Since you have changed your name to GOLDBOY

BIGMAN: It's just 'ah alias, I will reveal my true form soon, when the time is right...


Nome Goldie: Forgive me if this is a sensitive subject, have your mother and grandmother passed away, you have a n excerpt on your music channel giving them a s/o; would you like to shout them out again

BIGMAN: It's all good, my mama is alive and blessed my grandma is too, BUT SHOUT TO MY MAMA AND MY WHOLE FAMILY LUH YOU! 


Nome Goldie: You have an artist on your label named W1TCH BITCH, how did you two meet ? 

BIGMAN: Idk her, but tell her to DM me tho (lol)


Nome Goldie: Can you tell us what it's like growing up in ATL ?

BIGMAN: For me at first it was easy I was livin like a angel then I went to the eastside and, got into a lot of trouble for robbin', smokin', dropped out of high school and more shit.


Nome Goldie: Any tour plans ?

BIGMAN: Hell Yeah! All promoters can hit me up  at 'Martagangbooking@gmail.com' !!


Nome Goldie: You had a few releases in 2K14OFF THE MEAT RACK’ & 'Frum Dah Hart’. You seem to be heading in a different direction from those tapes anything new in terms of a full album coming before the end of the year ?

BIGMAN: Naw no albums ,, I'm just gone flood the internet and grind in the streets, till like next summer then I will.


Nome Goldie: Will there be a physical for Throwed Off LP, and fill us in on HOOD PUNK

 BIGMAN: I will eventually have physicals, but not for Throwed Off it's just a mixtape. Hood Punk Is Trap or Street music Mixed with Punk Rock In my mind. Hood niggas being reckless.



BIGMAN: Chii!! That's respect. I freestyled that (lol)


Nome Goldie:  Any closing comments you have for #ATL, #NYC, the #World, the #Universe, #NVRMNDUS




Calente Cardwell


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