Cities Aviv once again represents, our own world(s) in his image. Through “Worlds of Pressure”, this MV shot by Ramir Villaseñor, a compact post violent requiem of brilliance.

It may not readily identify as a political piece at first; although real, recognizes real;

Note : the colour war suggested in the introduction;

Awareness of the “BLUE” (NYPD or Pro-Authoritarian) brought to “justice” in the light of day. Proceeded by a scene of Cities wearing the yellow FUBU garment (cautionary) & finally the (activation and/or danger) in red adorned with floral blossoms, life linked into a metal fence behind him. Natures’ relationship with this human made apparatus to contain life.

Where we find Cities wrapped the sharp superb lighting, bright natural daylight, leaving the coldest shadows cast into over him in a vacant space, offering us the idea we found ourself in this Artists’ own thoughts, collective & hopeful. Projecting.

A clear sky transitions to a room originally only occupied by Cities, & like a convertible roof the daylight drops back & folds underneath the night, the room now filled with kin. Aviv, Coming To Life, has manifested his thoughts into reality. Now consciously aware how dark this world of truth parallels the world of falsehoods. Knowing it’s been filmed in “Bedstuy” would tip you off to the fact (that these post-human activists), still retain the pure Afro-Punk feel coded in the beginning; we find Aviv – shaking his jagged dreads – in disbelief.

It was its own pleasure, being on set during its filming.

This psychick awakening, a tribute to cult culturist & the demise of the blue wall, live, an unencrypted murder of it proceeded by the rise of the red. Civil War. “Parallel Universes” Become explored in this future Cities Aviv prophesied.

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