NN: What is your name and who are you?:

BW: I’m Eric Kerzman I produce under the name BITWVLF.

NN: I’ve heard you’re pretty multi-talented as a musician. What musical projects or bands have led up to what you’re doing now?

BW: Well geez… uhmm I started playing music when i was young around the age of 10 while living in Vancouver, WA. I was home schooled so I only went to public school for music class. I learned how to play the recorder in school.  I thought it was a crappy instrument and wanted to learn to play the trumpet. Boom, learned that then moved to the trombone. I enjoyed playing that quite a bit. I did the Public school band thing for a bit then learned to read sheet music.

At the age of 12 I really got into punk rock and grunge music. Keep in mind im still being homeschooled.. so I def had to hide my Walkman and my Bad Religion and Punk-O-Rama tapes. I really got into drums and how fast some of the punk drummers could play. Being raised by my super supportive mom and my musicly talented dad (killer drummer), I wanted a freaking drumset. So I got one. My friends and I would jam out. I played and played and played.. neighbors hated it.

I got a little bit older my parents relationship didn’t work out in the process so I moved back into public school kept playing and skateboarding my face off. I soon met other punk rockers in my school and some from Portland, OR. I got some cool mix tapes from them.. keep in mind the internet wasn’t really around yet, AOL was just commercials and mailing you those stupid discs.. haha so this was a big part of my life getting and making mixtapes. I ended up moving to Spokane and met new friends with my same bad attitude haha.. got into crust punk and grindcore. I played in a band called Political Infestation we would do Food Not Bombs and YSPC (Youth for Social and Political Change) benefit shows/ house shows. Some of my favorite bands I got to see play at the time was Dystopia, Phobia, and The Locust in the basement of Westminster church here in Spokane… soo rad.

That probably was what got me into accepting different forms of music incorporated with samples and a fair amount of just raw noise. I played in P.I. for awhile as well as got super into underground hip hop. I noticed that the styles and genres were definitely different but the ideas of samplers and drum machines were still there in both.. so I could easily relate between the two.

Forgive me the years kinda bleed together.

My friend K.Clifton and I started hanging out a ton and skateboarding like real boys all over the place, boom box out blaring hip hop mixtapes soon after met Mike and Joe Svoboda and formed E.S.P Elemental Science Project, I would play drums and make the beats Joe would play bass dj and rap and Mike and K.Clifton would rap as well. I ended up moving to Eugene, OR to live my with dad and played in a few local bands that didn’t go much further than local shows here and there while living there. I was super intrigued with the Eugene Noise scene and love the noise fests they would put on. Moved back to Spokane and started a few more bands here and there. In the height of Myspace girls jeans and eyeliner I was drumming in a band called A Silenced Memory, a melodic metal band. We got to do some northwest weekend warrior tours while working the Myspace dream store Hot Topic. I got to meet a lot of other rad musicians both in bands and electronic acts. Music at this point was just something I had on a iPod, and i was just enjoying other bands and going to shows. I messed around with turntables doing a few things between DNB and Hip-Hop Mixes off and on at parties at this point…mixes/mixtapes moved to CD’s. Then in 2013, K.Clifton and I reunited and he got me into make and creating music again with Ableton. He taught me more then anyone could ask for. I met a bunch of rad people in the local scene and then took off making tracks, talking to other artists, watching them play, studying (I’m sure some thought I was mad doggin). So many friends in the local spokane scene gave me support these past few years..I means a lot. THANK YOU!

NN: How do you feel you transitioned from the November 2013 release ov Tri▲ngle, which presented a mass tetrahedron ov instrumentals from tranquility, rapid snares & heavy claps to epic hype anthemic beats, bubbling-pops trailing over crunchy snapping snares into January 2014’s lowercase?  

BW: My transitions were all a learning experience. Most laid dormant while i wasn’t making music, when i got the opportunity to do so after a relationship of mine ended I was using music as a outlet getting aggression, fear, hate and love out all at the same time.. learning and progressing as an artist… It’s all chaos really..

NN: Aside from this project, have you been producing for any other artist in the North West or otherwise ?  

BW: I’ve produced with K.Clifton, Paul Wrecks, Fat Arm and Derek Dean (he has a new track I produced for him will be out soon.) I have been working with Mike Textbeak on a EP dropping in the near blur of 2015 on his Philtre Com Records.

NN: [what is your] any affiliation with STYLSS, & other Northwestern Artists ?

BW: STYLSS http://www.stylss.com/

Ohh…Cory Haynes (QUARRY) my dude, I met him while I was living in Eugene, OR almost 8 or so years ago. The dude has extreme passion and talent for creating music and music in general as well as his crew of musicians/artists. I’m a member of this close online family. I have to say this has helped network with other artists labels, made tons of rad friends the ladies and gents of this crew are so supportive it’s crazy..It really is a family.

Cory and I used to make beats using fruity loops we would email project files back and forth, when we were doing it there wasn’t online tutorials and there wasn’t soundcloud, And there wasn’t really a community like he’s created now with STYLSS. Back then we were just two drunk dudes making beats. We used to go check out this shop in Springfield, OR they had sick bootleg shirts, I remember he had this dope silver bmw we cruised around in. He lived in this house that so much history in Eugene for having rad house shows and awesome artists, we had party’s and had band practices in that basement a few times. Miss them days.

Northwest has so many great artists and friends of mine it’s insane…so many to name and thank, heres a few All Urban Outfield, APE Lab, Fat Arm, Saleswagon, Blvck Ceiling, Bandit Train, EASTGHOST, QUARRY, Psychic Rites, Hooves, Brothers ov Midnight (rip) and thanks to anyone who has ever came to a show and said a kind word.. you’ve made this happen with me.

NN: What are your plans for shows this year?

BW: I have some shows booked for this year already.. will be playing Portland, OR at The Lovecraft February 17th and Seattle, Wa as well as shows around Spokane, Wa.

NN: Have you been playing out a lot?

BW: Yes I have. 2014 was a killer year for shows for me. I got to play Volume 2014 http://volume.inlander.com/ Volume was def a highlight. So many rad local musicians followed with Terrian 7 https://www.facebook.com/terrainspokane so many great artists and bands played.


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