Recently performed over live broadcast via CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGVAG3 radio, hosted by Mike Textbeak. The show is live on Mondays 3 pm EST. The link will be posted below for your listen privilege. Performed & recorded live was a guest mix session, titled Radio #207 ”D∆яk~лÎgh†~movεmε놔.

I am a big fan of this mix, in particular. Phantom-ing sirens singing hymns, as phasers-phase & fade away – returning to a heavier hitting ravy concept. Later progressively complimented by very sick downtempo nuclear-pulses, with each synth in parts comes this really dope steel clanging that had me feeling like a blacksmith in an industrial complex.

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ was kind enough to visit with me, and drop a few spells for the #NVRMNDKIDZ

NN: Its great to be hearing new material from you. It truly is. Recently you were on Textbeak’ ‘CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3’ radio, how was the experience? 

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: Well, it feels great to be part of TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3. I listened to this radio show for over 4 years. Textbeak’s well known; therefore it is an honor for me to join the ranks as one of the guests that’s been featured on the radio show.

NN: What are some of your favorite tracks on the mix?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: “Hallucinations”, “√ɅṲL҉Ϯ 0͜₣ W̷ì̷Ϯ¢н”, “1000 Knives”, “Jesus saves the Party”, “Beth”, “VOODOO CRYSTALS”, “ɆȾɆɌ//ȺȽ”, “AB02Y0_” and “Weiße Rosen”

NN: I listened to your guest mix, it was incredibly sensational. In what way does your sound reflect who you are as a artist/creator?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: Yeah, I would say it reflects me a lot. My view on “Life” as a whole. Feeling is a very important thing to me, I am often shaken by all kinds of different Feelings. The tracks is chose share a certain kind of relationship to a particular feeling I feel come over me when I listen to these tracks.

NN: Are from Hamburg, Germany originally – I’ve been receiving “visions” of an Industrial-European complex emanating that sort of vibe from your frequency of music; to shout out a track like “Strange (Eat Raw Flesh)”, which is such heavily dirge-like instrumental with demonic Hip-hop oriented tendencies. The warmth of the synths, and the piffy-ness of the tones in the snares – build a really amazing relationship between each other. Other tracks to mention would be “Ʌ†LɅN†IS” for its presentation of a rather different spectrum of waves, such an immersive transcendental realm saturated. The main ingredient being ‘water’ in its’ mass of variation and form(s), it had me soaked – completely. Which having listened to “Atlantis” prior to the mix set me up to really be prepared for some of the more cavernous glacial trickling ice instrumentals, I found in segments of the Guest Mix.

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: Yes, I was born in Germany. I have been living here since birth. in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg. More often that not, it is very cold, and of course raining. As a young boy, what else could you do; than to sit around with friends, listening to music. I think that along with, the architecture in the neighborhoods – old factory buildings that looked great in ‘that’ rain, & had a bit of an industrial influential touch to my music; as well as the music I heard and grew to like over all those many years. NN: What music did you listen to as a child that had its biggest influences on your work now, as a fully realized musician?

NN: Does you environmental nature tend to depict your musical spectrum & vice versa?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: I listened to so much music before that had never really helped me grow, but the first material, that helped me really realize, myself – that gave me this quake-like power – this “enhancement” – back in the day at least was Rammstein with “Sehnsucht”. It really came across as that made me really feel – “Something Real”, at the time. From that point on – I was into all genres of hard(er) Rock based music, up until Metal. Metallica -“Halloween” & then newer stuff like Static X, but still enhanced my musical spectrum. Thereafter, I really liked Techno. I tuned in to the radio stations in the 90’s, like Hypertraxx. Through friends, I came across Hip-hop around then, as well, and really liked it. Especially stuff like Grave Diggaz. At that time I was already producing music and in excess of the growing Interest in all its facets I was discovering Björk. Björks’ music had such a huge influence on me. and she became really my favorite Artist over all. I also listened to a lot of Cold Wave, artists like: Marquis de Sade – Oppenheimer Analysis and Bauhaus – Siouxsie & The Banshees and just a few other Gothic influences, FROM that time (in the 80’s).

NN: What is the significance of all these artists to you? What essence, or traits are similar between them all?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: They were all at their time new and somehow different from what you were generally hearing in the radio or on MTV. They all had a sound to them that really caught my attention. I was never much into the “generic pop music” (GPM). If there is an essence between them. I can’t really say. They all can put me in different worlds.

NN: Who shot your video release this year, what motivation was behind that project, “Ritualz Of The Woods” ?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: I can be very sensitive to the things that happening around me. As my view grew greatly over the years. I have seen a lot & reflected just as much. When I find myself becoming upset & exactly at that point is where I take my time off, and go into the woods. The sound modulation, we just constructed on my synthesizer before I left. I thought it would be cool to get some video material. I shot that stuff all by myself last year, while I was doing weird things deep in the forest in the middle of the night… it ended up being very dark on video. I decided to layer in some effects. 


“Its all about the magic that happens around me when i walk through the woods.” – ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ

NN: When is your next release ?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: I’m currently working on another video & a another track simultaneously & also a remix for V▲LH▲LL, the track is called “S▲▲NIC RIU▲L ▲BUSE”. I have mass of tracks almost done tracks that will build my new album. Unfortunately I was not able to finish this album last year.

NN: What’s something you hope your music teaches your audience ?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: Open your eyes, Be more spiritual and start to think, because there is no hope in the world in that we currently living.

NN: Viatataiv, can you tell me a little more about the name of your project ?

ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ: stands for ViatataiV. A named I came across back at the end of 2K10. Ironically I discovered the whole Witch House movement, just started. The Inspiration for the name comes from Russian Composers of classic music and other styles like Vladislav Shoot or Vladimir Ussachevsky. You can mirror it at the same time the shape of the name as a whole.. written in Unicode forms up some cathedral-like Temple. I would pronounce it: Vi-A-TA-TAIV, but in a german way, not so ‘saucy-smoshy’. You have to say it hard. (check again in the beginning of my both mixes I have dropped for Textbeak so far. In both of the mixes you will hear me saying “VIATATAIV” in a demonic way.

NN: Thanks for taking spending time with the #NVRMNDCRU, We cannot wait to hear your next installment.

“ The last year was not a good year anyway, struggling and I had to stop my entirely music production for several month.” – ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ


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