Originally from Baltimore, the folk post-violent, hardcore electronic experimental artist named Eu1ogy, emerged on to the NYC scene from the shell of his previous duo-project ANML, to distribute his concentrated gothic romanticization of sorrows we experience throughout our existence…

NN: Let me start by asking how you are, and what you have been doing for the past two months ? 

EU1OGY: Things are little overwhelming at the moment but I’m trying to stay positive, centered, focused on my music and art while trying to balance being in the “real world” among the others. thanks for asking!

NN: What came of the end of 2014 for you ? 

EU1OGY:  Moved back home to Baltimore (Maryland). After living in Brooklyn, New York for about 4 1/2 years. I’m just figuring out what’s the next step. I really want to just travel for the next few years, bounce around to different cities and see new things meet new people. 

NN: What plans have you made since then; for your music, or your art ? 

EU1OGY:  I’ve neglected my actual art for about 5 years which is hard to swallow when I take the time to think about It because It’s a big part of who I am however I have been doing many sketches over the years so I guess all can’t be lost. As far as my music I’ve decided to just work on a ton of projects and keep my ideas flowing. At the end of the day, I just want to keep getting better and grow as a musician I still have a lot to learn and experience. 

NN: Albums, Possible Video Release Dates ? 

EU1OGY: I am working on 2 EP’s, the first one is titled “The Calm, The Storm”, which should be done by the spring and another EP titled “Headbanger” which should be done by early summer. No official release dates, but I do have deadlines. I want to work on a few videos that I have ideas for it’s just actually finding the right director and team of people that can portray the feeling I am trying to put across. The first video for EU1OGY will most likely be GLYPHS IX (PROD. FAWKES). 

NN: Do you plan on traveling , or touring within this year ?

EU1OGY: I want to travel and play out as much as I can I feel like it’s a must for artist to be able to play live shows and connect with people one on one and not just online. I normally play about 2 – 3 shows a month, if not more. I would like to tour and I have talked to a bunch of different bands / performers about touring, but nothing official. If I do tour i’m hoping it would be the end of summer or fall.

I think the most crazy show I’ve played had to be at this DIY spot in Baltimore, called The Annex. It was with SHOP (who is one of my favorite rappers in Baltimore) and this band Sherman Whips who always rips it up and brings out a good crowd. it was a benefit show for TERRAULT CONTEMPORARY, which is an art gallery ran by Brooks Kossiver.

I couldn’t tell you what happen I don’t remember much because I was given a bunch of different alcohol form serval people before my set, but I do remember some low key shit going down as always. I mean it isn’t a good show if some trouble isn’t brewing. I was trying to avoid it but obviously got caught up in the bullshit; (lol) my bag with all my gear, phone, money and everything else got stolen too. When I realized that I was pretty heated, but I got my stuff back from some girl who told me some else had given it to her after yelling over the mic that whoever stole my bag should return my stuff. It’s all good I left with a bad bitch anyway. I played at Rough Trade in Brooklyn with PSYCHOEGYPTIAN and my close friend / brother PONYO recently. That was a dope show just because I was playing along side of some of the dopest musicians in Brooklyn right now. Not to mention they are family! It was cool just to be asked to play at a place like that.

NN: What was the last most important work that you completed – How well do you believe it was received ?

EU1OGY: I don’t have anything online besides my “Ever After” EP that I put out summer of 2014. It’s the first piece of music I wrote that wasn’t super aggressive or angry. I honestly didn’t think anyone would like it which is fine but after I released it I got a lot of feedback most extremely positive. A lot of the positive feedback was from artist who I look up to so it was to nice hear their thoughts and get constructive criticism.

NN: When you began your project, did you expect the turn out you have received so far ? 

EU1OGY: No way, not at all. I think I overthink everything. I’ve been making music for 15 years so it’s just natural for me to want to create it’s a part of who I am so I never expect people to “get it” or even like it. 

NN: When did you know you wanted to begin this project ? 

EU1OGY:  The project just kinda started on it’s own I was toying with ideas of writing something mellow and “ever after” was the final outcome. 

NN: What do you want to convey, or what have you also found that you do convey in frequently in your materials ?

EU1OGY: I try to convey the feeling of feeling hurt, lost or alone, love & death, relationships, everyday life situations with the undertone of being hopeless. 

NN:What reflects the least, what should you be focusing on ? 

EU1OGY: Just trying to focus on recording and laying down different vocal ideas as much as I can just to have them on paper while they are still in my head. 

NN: How many releases have you successfully produced ? 

EU1OGY:  I produced all of “Ever After” some of the tracks on “The Calm, The Storm” will be produced by me. I just started producing and have a lot to learn I feel like my knowledge in percussion and playing drums has helped with beat making. 

NN: How do you feel being called a #NVRMNDKID or that you’re one of the #NVRMNDCRU ? 

EU1OGY:  Oh nice! I’m crew crew now?! (hahaha) that’s cool! I totally embrace you guys and the movement! so many crews and collectives around now a days and I’m into that it’s a good thing that people are coming together to brainstorm, create and manifest ideas. Shout out to my Scraper Boy$

NN: Also, can you shed some light on Scraper World / Scraper Boys ? 

EU1OGY: Scraper World ENT. is the label. Scraper Boy$ is the crew discovered and run by the super talented Elliot Glass, from Baltimore. A collective of talented friends all doing boss shit (most of the crew lives in Brooklyn New York) at the moment Antonio, Kyle, Dillion, Manny, A.J., Gavin and others like (myself), Jay, Rusty and Killian. They hold it down in Baltimore! Tons of of others who are down, just a lot to mention. 

Not much to say, I don’t want to talk about what we are all up to but be on the look out for APX new music from CITIES AVIV, PONYO, M4NNY, CASPER some jewelry by Katherine Seabright and a ton of other projects were deff on the grind!

For more of the latest from Eu1ogy follow on Twitter @rismk, or on Tumblr!



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