A musician named Bryan Dellamorte, from an anonymous area of Florida began creating some beautiful dark wave. Under the alias D3∆†hh CvL†, he opens “unfamiliars”, up to the undead-world of witch house, #Endjoy & #NvrMnd #WitchausWednesday only on the #NvrBlog

In that sounds of phantoms hymning, we find the unanimously endless “trapstyle” playing skeleton tapping against his snare, staring back as the hairs on our neck are raised just high enough to meet the peaks in the scope of tracks; such as “I Will Take Your Light”; Listen close to the first two tracks, & you wont be disappointed with them, keeping in mind that the major problem with #WH “floppy discs” (thats krypt for shitty disc jockeys) is they don’t seem to be developing their sounds enough to get into their genre and really even be relevant. The heritage of witch house (came from a joke, but) definitely has some pretty unprogressive & progressive artists – in its own right, but unlike these songs on this ‘EP’ titled after the final song on the ‘EP’ I WILL TAKE YOUR LIGHT;  SH▲DOW EYES  & BURIED FLESH (but not excluding I will Take Your Light) feature very unique and uncompromising similarities between the three of them. These three (completely) different tracks stand together – incredibly well, & offer a great listen! Its too bad – The damn thing is so short.



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