The english Hip-Hop/Rap artist who goes-by Compulsive, currently living in Gothamberg, Sweden whom I had the privilege of getting to have a sit down with, just over the weekend to elaborate on his current projects as an artist in not only one major endeavor but being the other half to the group OUF. We have a ‘Q & A’ down below, where you can find out more about this artist, be sure to check out the soundcloud embeds to get a better sense of what Compulsive has to say in his music.




NN: Born and raised in Sweden ?

Compulsive: I’ve lived 14 years in England, five in Sweden, half a year in Cali and half a year in Norway haha – haven’t set foot in England in four years though.

NN: Oh so you were actually born in England ?

 Compulsive: Yeah, born in England homie

NN: Why so much traveling , you have to be in your early twenties ?

Compulsive:  I’m actually 19 [haha]. I had an interesting childhood.

NN: How did you get started curating this type of music ?

Compulsive: Well, I’ve been rapping since 13, got into it through the sacred art of battle rapping via written text online – then tried rapping over beats and was wack for a long time until I finally started getting good, [haha] Nowadays me and mine just get fucked up and make crazy shit [haha]

yeah this is the opening track for my upcoming project – “Before Everything Started Changing“, a 15 track EP.


NN: When do you expect to have the tape ready for release? 

Compulsive:  The goal is a June/July release. Aiming for to release a short film showcasing three of the songs from the tape and the story around them, since they’re all connected before the release – so it’s all dependent on when the short film drops to be honest

NN: What will the short film be called and will it be released before or after the album?

 Compulsive:  It’s going to be called Darling, releasing it before the project drops

NN:  So, can you explain to me the background of the Tapes name. Before Everything Changed, What changed, and when did it change ?

 Compulsive: Well – once a guy loved a girl, and once a girl loved a guy. The project is more or less based around the feelings I had during (and after) this relationship I had with this girl. It wasn’t exactly a happy relationship, so the tape is kind of dark, [haha].

So I guess everything started changing, I began work on the tape a few months after I turned 18, so it’s about embracing maturity – adulthood is a bitch – about embracing emotions; and a lot of bitterness. I also kind of fell into the industry at the same time, getting to know A&R’s, working in some major label studio’s and just chilling with some people I’m blessed to know – while at the same time I was in this fucked up relationship.

Change” is a huge theme in the project. There’s three tracks on this tape that are back to back with each other, Eternity (which is a love song I made to this girl for her birthday – I guess it was me just trying to reconcile our differences for a day) – Bitter (A song I made a month and a week or two afterwards, we had broken up and she had found another guy to get together with in the space of four days – so it’s exactly what the title says, the bitter diss song of a confused man) and December, which is all about me trying to find myself in the aftermath of everything and is the most vulnerable track on the project.

NN: The lore itself seems to be quite dark, is that what is to be expected of the entire tape, including the Video Feature “Darling”? 

Compulsive: Darling, is going to be a showcase of these three songs and the story around them, kind of highlighting the relationship, the suicide attempts, the struggle and all the fucked up things that happened. The three songs are based around the last month or two of the relationship – although the project is littered with references to it all – and trying to show what came before the songs to give some more context to them all. Since it’s something so dear to me, I’m going to make sure everything in the short film is based entirely in reality and what happened, no artistic licenses.

NN: I hope you have found a way out of this dark place, in terms of day-to-day life, and can use that energy to manifest amazing music. Would you say you had any advice for those who find themselves in similar situations? 

Compulsive: I’m out of that dark place now; which is nice. Well, I’d say leave that bitch, spark up some good kush and chill with your homies for a while; because if you’re ever in the same boat I was in – you’re going to need it.

NN: Who is producing your music currently?

Compulsive:  A variety of names pop up, there’s a remix of Fire Squad on there, my close friend Dseize does three songs, PelleGooMarOgiWes Pendleton and a few other names



NN: Who makes up O U F?

Compulsive: As for O U F; it’s a duo between me and the producer of For BDK – Isolas. 

NN: When did O U F form, and how did that become a reality?

Compulsive: We were introduced to each other by an A&R at Warner who thought we’d work together well and we did – we made a track together called Kill You and from there decided to work together more under the name O U F (Our Underground Firm) It’s a mutual side project fuelled by our love of experimenting with new styles and sounds – a more commercial, accessible yet new and fresh sound. We like to do things that haven’t been done before but in a way that it’s accessible even to those who aren’t fans of rap.The topics recently have been a little dark; a little drug and sex inspired – but that’s just where I was at that point in my life; we’re working on an upcoming project that will be a little more personal and a little more Crisis and less Right After


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