Silent Hill, The Franchise May Be Doomed

Konami has announced they would like to focus their efforts in the interactive digital media department on mobile, there reasoning, stated the future of gaming lied within the Mobile enterprise.


P.T. was scary, said the trailer. Really scary. Scary enough to make grown adults yelp and whimper and weep in the form of a montage.” – Nathan Grayson

With Silent Hills being canceled & all, it has lead a lot of people of the deep end, or being a bit more honest about how they feel about a particular company, which disheveled itself, and tore its own limbs off then proceeded to throw them away…”Konami Sucks“, said writer Patrick Klepek of Kotaku.

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It’s terrible to see what could have been a glorious game stripped away from us, including its public “Playable Teaser“. Yet for it to then be replaced by something like this. For what I assume will be an overpriced less functional clone of an original experience that would be overpriced as well, but worth a bit more at least in comparison to this horrifying look into a future IP Konami so desperately needed to produce, and in no time at that.

Nobody Actually Knows How They Solved The Silent Hill Teaser, via Kotaku

Thanks Konami for black mailing Mr. Hideo Kojima san, and Thanks so much for ruining Silent Hills.

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