Experimental producer/rapper/artist LUCIFEAR from Florida who combines elements of witch-house, trapstyle, punk, and hip-hop. An obscure artist, known for his violent and yet emotional themes of self-destruction and pain. Has had a few releases featuring quite a bit of obscure instrumentals on compilations & mixtapes. LUCIFEAR has also collaborated with producers; like Greyscalesound. All tracks featured on I WANT TO DIE were produced by LUCIFEAR, officially released July 28th, 2015. His earlier work had an incredible witch-house influenced atmospheric enchantment. Since he has been described more recently as to be more influenced or inspired by emotional trap-style and Chicago “Drill” styled music. As of August 1st 2K15, LUCIFEAR‘s newest album, can be found on the artist bandcamp. The album exudes a well created audible infrastructure, a transgenre  epic progression through chillwave, cloud rap, suicide trap-style, vaporwave and witch house. Those elements are not foreign to FLA, by no means.


Calente Cardwell

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