Mykki Blanco has been all over the world over the past few years, not only shattering records in Hip-Hop & Queer culture alike, breaking hearts, and making comments of the possibility they may be giving up being a musician & performance artist entirely. Rather to choose to pursue a investigative career in journalism. Yet, just few weeks later we were presented the first Gay Dog Food tape release; featuring a massive roster of popular underground successes from all around the greater NYC area; Cities Aviv, James K, Cakes Da Killa, Kathleen Hanna (American musician, feminist activist, and punk zine writer), No Bra, Ian Isiah (whom we saw on Le1f’s production team a year ago). If you haven’t listened to this tape you aren’t ready for what’s next.


Now we are introduced to an entirely new wave “C-OREYves Tumor, PSYCHOEGYPTIAN, Violence, & Mykki Blanco herself have put together the new era of Afro-Punk Pop-Electro & Hip-Hop. if you are or have been looking for the queer underground juice you have found it.

[Additionally featured in the video Andres Cary, Kayla Marcus, Jessica Worrell. Directed by Jude MC x Taran Allen]


“C-ORE” debut album out Dog Food Music Group via !K7 Records


Mykki called the compilation, “a slice of what we’re into, our culture and what we want to show the world.

We’re first introduced to YVES TUMOR‘s track, which is an serious onslaught of drone & noise. An immensely cinematic as well as raw compression of sounds & gargling. As it ensued I envisioned myself being pulled into the atmosphere of that inside a computerized machine, through an ethernet cable. Down the rabbit hole we go in Yves Tumors – Histrionic II. Climaxing with the most rhythmic pounding bassline I have heard of late in a noise/drone piece such as this cyborg ice cream cone of  human screams, topped with mechanical tearing, like horror-film thriller teaser featuring a robotic-godzilla struck a helicopter.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.19.34 PM

Violence’s (also known as Palmtrees Caprisun), track This Is Going To Be Disgusting, Unholy & Pleasurable opens up our opiate receptors like we overdosed on Kratom with an omnipotent vocal style. The way they used their voice is something I couldn’t-not focus on, such a powerful tool in this minimal spoken word world, creating potent dark resonance in its gurgle of dissonant prayer of the flesh & lust. Violence mentions Hypertrophy, illustrating to me this spell has to deal with sub-humans/mutants in the realm.

The third track we are presented by Psychoegyptian – LBCD is something unique in its own right, the hip hop africtivst shows his immunity to the world with jaw dropping Electro-Afro-Punk cadence. As they list their rap names (which all begin with “Lil” as if it’s a twitter handle mash-up), Istart to find it’s hilarity, and punk antics the most entertaining track thus far. You can get really buck to this, but it’s relationship between its vocal patterns and instrumental structure remind me of what hardcore punk could never have been without a stars to shine it light on it like this.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.18.35 PM

Finally we are met by the Gay Dog Food / C-ORE head honcho – Mykki Blanco. They have chosen to release an interlude “Mykki Blanco – Paw Interlude (prod. Jeremiah Meece), breathy vocals, followed by laughter, a vocal sample I can barely make out, chanting “Do It Up”, continued on as we hear a conversation between a few different versions of the artist’s voice, “Ski resort places, that don’t really ski time…  Or the second line I could make out was, “It’s like switzerland, like people don’t even know what youre talking about…”, & finally “like whats a bird to a bird man…”

It’s a bit wild and far out even for me, although I think the mysterious parts of these songs and the best parts, and that being said it is best to leave them as unknown as I found them. The album is set for release on the 18th of September, for more information on Gay Dog Food, C-ORE, or Mykki Blanco follow her on twitter @MykkiBlanco


Calente Cardwell

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